Indonesia, South East Asia’s largest country with over 240 million people, has a deep cultural legacy which can be seen in its traditional art works. The craftsmanship exhibited by Indonesia’s fine artist is well known through out the world and has attracted a myriad of visitors and tourists from all over and Bali, Indonesia’s most famous tourist destination, has certainly increased in prominence over the last few years. This is the main reason why we have chosen Bali as our base of operation.

Having a passion to participate in the preservation of Indonesian cultural heritage, we realized that one way to do it would be by exhibiting and marketing the diverse range of handicrafts made by the local craftsmen. Having been based in Bali, which showcases many Indonesian art products, our hope is that we will be able to introduce to the world the many faces of Indonesian handicrafts.

Company Profile

Date of Establishment  
: Kumbawati
: January 2010
: Jl.Sunset Road no.77   Kuta – Bali, Indonesia
: 0361-8477441

Field of Business
Kumbawati traditional gift shop operates in the field of artwork and souvenirs. Our range of operation includes: wholesale, retail and made to order products. Our customers have mainly been expatriates and foreign tourists hence our products have also been designed to fit their needs and preferences.

Being a part of the tourism industry, we emphasize our objectives toward several aspects:

1.Customer satisfaction is our prime concern by combining product quality and the heartiest of service.
2.Product and service development is the area we never cease to improve in order to give the best to our customers.
3.Partnership with other parties, providing feasible business plan and operating service.


We have thousands of products ranging from wooden handicrafts, aromatic products to traditional line of clothings. People looking for gifts or souvenirs either for personal use or wedding gifts would certainly be able to find what they are looking for in our more than adequate selections.